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yo gettin married at 22 sounds a lot like leavin a party at 9:30 pm

yeah but you get to leave the party with your favorite person on the planet, and take off all of your makeup, and put on your ugly comfortable clothes and make popcorn and curl up in your bed and watch a movie, and have sex and go to sleep, idk how that sounds like a bad thing.

And everyone else just wakes up alone and hungover.

this is the best thing ive ever heard

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I think these are my favourite glasses :D #vanni #girlswithglasses #dollswithdye #greeneyes #selfie #bangs #colorblock #smiles

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Hey there Spring. So glad you could stop by.. #april #snow #wth #wtf #saskatchewan #snowglobe

Apparently I live in an alternate universe. It’s snowing buckets at home and here I am almost in Saskatoon and there’s not snow as far as you can see- except on my windshield….


"Imagine a girl. 

Any girl…

Now imagine she is nothing more than a burden for her family.

So she is taken out of school,

and married to a much older man.  

He abuses her. 

He rapes her. 

He give her HIV/AIDS

Within the year, she is pregnant

She has no education and no job

So she can’t afford to send her daughter to school. 

Without education her daughter is nothing more than a burden for her family. 

The cycle begins again. 

This is not just your imagination this is happening today. 

In fact this is happening 25,000 times today,

and tomorrow,

and everyday after that. 

One in seven girls in the developing world marries before she is 15

Girls who are married early are forced into pregnancy and motherhood

before they are able to be just children themselves. 

Child marriages are a human rights violation according to the UN. 

Female genital mutilation is wrong. 

The rape, abuse, and suppression of girls is wrong. 

Girls in the developing world are too often overlooked, underfed, and undereducated. 

Here are the facts:

There are 600 million girls in the developing world

About one-fourth are not in school

In fact, 70% of the world’s out-of-school children are girls

Of every international aid dollar spent, only 2 cents goes to girls. 

Women make 10% of the world’s income and own only 1% of the property even though they perform 66% of the world’s labour. 

If she can stay in school, fight custom and tradition, and refuse to be married to a strange and older man,

If she can pursue an education and get a job,

She would not change only her fate, she would change the fate of her community, perhaps her entire nation. 

Because all of her daughters, and all of her daughters’ daughters, would have the opportunity to be educated as well. 

In other words, it all comes down to the education of women. 

No - the education of girls.

Girls who stay in school marry later, have fewer and healthier children, and make more money,  and are more likely to avoid: 

Obstetric fistulas

Widow self-immolation


Female genital mutilation”

It Only Takes A Girl

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I wanna date this girl

My new #MichaelKors sunglasses!

Finally almost bed time :) #longday #wednesday #d&g #girlswithglasses