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Bop it, Twist it, Pull it, Spin it, Flick it.

fixed it.

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Desireé Dallagiacomo - “Thighs”

ADORE this

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Working on setting some of the last pairs of HONEY ear weights available from this casting run. Gorgeous Mexican amber going into these. Keep an eye out for the last pair available, which will be set with insect included amber.

These are so cool.

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On my long hair ish #redhead #faded #ponytail #paleasfuck #freckles #pierced #skin

"You never get to the point where you think “I am the adult”, but you do get to the point where you think “I’ve dealt with this before.” The older you get, the higher and higher the percentage is of things you’ve already been through. Have you ever changed a tire? Had a flat tire? Someday, you might, and the next time it happens, you’ll know what to do, since you’ve already done it."

My dad. I’m 24, and asked if you ever shake the feeling of not being an adult, and this was his response. Probably the most comforting thing he could have said. (via gothkatie)

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I love Scott Pilgram

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Artist Collaborates with 2-Year-Old Daughter and Creates Works of Art

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Infused in the white bead is water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. In the black bead, mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Separating the two beads are clear beads, representative of the story we all have to tell. Life moves through cycles, find your balance.

"Sometimes you’re on top of the world, stay humble. Sometimes you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful.

This makes so much sense.

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Witnesses say they asked Britney why she shaved her head and her response was, “I’m tired of plugging things into it. I’m tired of people touching me.”

i can never not reblog this

T-Pain: “That was the most beautiful thing in the world. Do you know why she was shaving her head? Because it was so important to other people. She is like, “Listen. Don’t touch my hair anymore. Stop touching my hair.” People were like, “We’ve got to make your hair before you go outside. You can’t leave.” She went … “Now I don’t have hair. What you going to do?”

The older I get the more her breakdown seems less ‘unbalanced’ and more ‘completely understandable’

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look at seth rogan’s face it just screams”I have been chosen”

I feel like I’ve watched enough movies to say that this is a good idea.

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